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Estimating concrete doesn't have to be that hard!
Takeoff 2.0

From plan to spreadsheet, quantities are entered in an organized manner and results are immediate.
Each element of a footing, a pier etc. is presented on screen so you will not leave out any quantity. All quantites for the project are totaled on a comprehensive results page so you know totals of concrete, rebar, sand and spoil (complete listing of what Takeoff quantifies). Takeoff spreadsheets can also be updated as plans are revised.


Takeoff 2.0
Rockstreet Software's solution for concrete estimators who would rather lose the calculator and use a spreadsheet to calculate yards, pounds and tons.

only $79

But if you're that fast, go for it!

Try a trial of Takeoff for free as long as you like. The trial is limited to a single column of information for each category of concrete.

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